What is Workflow Management Software?

Workflow management software harmonizes interactions between employees and software applications. It manages the flow and interaction patterns across systematized and human tasks. This technology has expanded over the course of the past 20 years. It has grown from a know-how that is embedded inside individual systems to a middleware-like technology, shared as a utility across many solutions.

Workflow management technology is available in specific types. For example, human workflow technology products place software controls around manual tasks to better handle and synchronize them. This category of workflow is distinct from image-centric and document workflow, and aids interactions and steering with semi-structured content. There are only a few pure workflow technology providers in the market and many newer products are created to complement Sharepoint.

Workflow management software involves the automation of your business procedures. This means synchronizing all aspects of your business process, from organizing your daily administrative tasks to handling all user interactions.

Workflow Management Software

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